Reliable Performance 

The DP4 is: 

  • Based on the proven D4SL model
  • Tank side holding pressure of 73 psi
  • Features a long stroke for gentle product handling and low flow resistance
  • Balanced design of lower shafts helps prevent hydraulic blocking and enables flexible flow direction without slamming

  • No copmressed air needed for removal and servicing

  • Range of control units and bus communication for automated operation  




  • OD Tube: 1.5"- 4" 
  • Body Configurations: T42

Product Wetted Parts: 1.4404/AISI 316L 

Non Product Wetted Parts: AISI 304/1.4301 

Seal Materials: 

  • Standard EPDM 
  • Optional: HNBR, FKM

Surface Finish: 

  • Product Contact: 32 Ra
  • Non-Product Contact: Glass beaded 

Required Air Pressure: 73 psi 



Pressure Ratings: 

  • Operating Pressure:
  • Process Side: 145 PSI (10 bar)
  • Tanks Side: >73 PSI 

Maximum Temperature: 

  • EPDM & HNR: 275 F/135 C (intermittent) 
  • FPM: 275 F/135 C 

Sterilization Temperature: 

  • EPDM & HNBR: 284 F/140 C


Control Units

CU4 & CU4+ Series

  • Automated control and position monitoring for reliable processing
  • Reduces compressed air and electrical connections 
  • Helps reduced external solenoid valve cabinets
  • Accelerates valve response time 
  • Innovative seat lift detection is fully integrated without need for external sensor wiring to provide additional position monitoring 
  • Reliability and long service life- robust clamp connection, reinforced stainless steel air coupling threads to avoid air leakages, and water tight seals 
  • Ease of operation- contains manual override solenoids and adjustment screw to throttle air flow to actuator to ensure optimal opening and closing 
  • Clarity- clear and bright indication of valve position- 5 dioes in LED panel and convenient location 
  • Standardization- same control top used on other SPXFlow valves lines 
  • NEMA 6 washdown rating