Sanitary Check Valves



 Universal 1 Pump

W45/W45HMP Spring Disc Check Valves

 The W45 series of spring disc check valves are used to stop or "check" reverse flow in a pipeline. Available in both vertical and eccentric bodies for horizontal installation, spring check valves use a disc seat and a spring with a specified cracking pressure. Learn more here

 Universal 2 Pump


62B Series Air Blow Check Valves 

 Air blow check valves use are commonly used to "blow" down a line following cleaining. They use a rubber plug that is pushed away from the seat by air pressure. Learn more here

 Universal 3 Pump


W45BY Series Ball Check Valves

 Ball check valves use product flow to push a rubber ball into the valve body trap. In the absence of forward flow, the ball seats against the valve seat, preventing reverse flow. Ball check valves are well suited for sticky and high viscosity products. Learn more here

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