Centrifugal Pumps 


Waukesha 200 Series Pumps

The Sanitary 200 Series pump is designed for heavy-duty, high efficiency applications and provides exceptional corrosion resistance. The impeller and shaft are one piece, which connects directly to the motor shaft, eliminating problems such as vibration, short bearing life, high NPSH requirements, high seal maintenance, poor alignment and adverse operations conditions. Click here to more!


Waukesha S200 Series Pumps

The S200 series pump is the 200 series re-designed specifically for pharmaceutical processors. All product contact components are machined from wrought less than 5% ferrite level, 316L SS and feature a 20 Ra product contact surface finish. Material heat numbers are available on all product contact components. Click here to learn more!


Waukesha C Series Pumps

Versatile Waukesha C-Series Centrifugal Pumps from Waukesha Cherry-Burrell find broad application throughout sanitary and industrial processes. These rugged pumps accommodate a wide range of solids and liquids under a variety of flow conditions and deliver long service with minimum downtime. Click here to learn more!


CB-Special Pump

The CB-Special pump is dimensionally identical to the standard C Series pump, but features an internal seal and other options specifically for our craft brewer friends. By using product to flush the internal seal faces, you'll never hear your seal squeak again. Click here to learn more!


Waukesha 200LR Series Pumps

The 200LR Series Liquid Ring Pump handles products with entrained air as well as maintains its prime when other pumps become air bound. This feature makes the 200LR the best choice for complete emptying of tanks and lines during normal process or CIP. Click here to learn more!


APV W+ Pumps

W+ centrifugal pumps from SPX FLOW are designed to achieve total cost optimization with high efficiency and product dependability. They are installed in countless process facilities around the world helping producers meet stringent production requirements. Click here to learn more!


APV Ws+ Pumps

The Ws+ uses a unique design that combines the abilities of most liquid ring pumps with the efficiencies of the W+ centrifugal series. As a result customers can now handle entrained air and lift requirements with lower horsepower, less noise and at lower cost. Click here to learn more!

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