Rotary Lobe Pumps


Waukesha Universal 1 Pump

The Original "Can Do" Pump. Designed for Clean Out of Place (COP) Applications, the Universal 1 has been the pump of choice for sanitary processing applications for decades. Click here to more!

Universal 1 Pump


Waukesha Universal 2 Pump

Waukesha's Universal 2 Pump (U2) was designed specifically for Clean in Place (CIP) applications. Combining versatility with new features to increase performance and cleanability, the Universal 2 is our go to sanitary PD pump. Click here to learn more!

Universal 2 Pump



Waukesha Universal 2 ND Pump

The Universal® 2 ND Series positive displacement pumps are purpose built for heavy duty industrial applications. Featuring long life features and installation flexibility, this highly robust pump can run at pressures of up to 500 psi. Click here to more!

Universal 1 Pump


Waukesha Universal 3 Pump

The latest addition to the Waukesha Universal Pump family, the Universal 3 (U3) excels in high pressure applications and features an internal seal to make service a breeze. Learn more here!

Universal 3 Pump


APV R Series Pump 

Our most economical offering, the APV R series is ideal for applications where metal rotored pumps aren't quite right. With unique features, like a degassing cover, the R series is ideal for handling dough, yeast, and a variety of dairy products.

APV R Series

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