Sanitary Single Seat Valves


W60 Series- Shut-Off, Divert and Tank Outlet Single Seat Valves

W60 series single seat valves are used to shut off or divert flow in sanitary process systems. The W60 series offers a both manual and pneumatic actuators, as well as a variety of body configurations. Click here to more!

W60 Series Single Seat Valves


W68/W88 Series- Throttling/Regulating Single Seat Valves 

The W68/W88 series of regulating and throttling valves used a tapered plug specifically for flow and pressure control applications. Typically equipped with a positioner, throttling valves are used for flow control, pressure control, filler level control, and modulated filling. Click here to learn more!

W68/W88 Series Valves


WR60/WR80 Series- Adjustable Pressure Relief Valve

The latest addition to the Waukesha Universal A must have for any PD pump applications, WR60 adjustable pressure relief valves allow you to set desired relief pressure quickly and easily. They can also be used to bypass PD pumps during CIP. Click here to learn more!

WR60/WR80 Series


W80 Series- Aseptic Flush Shut-Off, Divert, Tank Outlet Single Seat Valves

Packing all the features of a W60 series valve, the W80 series comes standard with a stem flush adapter to provide a steam barrier around the valve stem for aseptic applications. Click here to learn more!

APV R Series


W262/W282/W265/W285 Series- Single Seat HTST Flow Diversion Valves

Need a divert valve for an HTST application? Make sure your compliant with 3A leak path requirements with the W262 divert valve and W265 non-slamming divert valve. Learn more here!

Flow Diversion Valves

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