ITT Pure-Flo Diaphragm Valve Overview


Valve Bodies 

The Pure-Flo hygienic valve is a spin-off of the process proven Dia-Flo diaphragm valve line, now more than 50 years old. Pure-Flo assemblies and fabrications have been developed to minimize contact surfaces and hold up volume. The Pure-Flo product line offers a complete line of cast, forged, and wrought bodies to meet the needs and requirements of your process application. Click here to learn more! 

W60 Series Single Seat Valves



The Pure-Flo product offering coitnues to evolve to meet the needs of the Bioprocessing industry. A complete line of manual and pneumatically actuated options are available to suit most any requirement. With decades of providen reliability and long cycle life, Pure-Flo actuators are the route to trouble free operation and reduced total cost of ownership. Click here to learn more!

W68/W88 Series Valves



The diaphragm is the most critical component of a diaphragm valve. Diaphragms are the valve component that provide positive shut-off between process fluids, protects the process from the environment and in some cases protects the environment from the process.  Click here to learn more!

WR60/WR80 Series




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