ITT Valve Instrumentation & Controls Overview


INtegrated Sensing Platform (ISP)

The Integrated Sensing Platform (ISP) delivers valve sensing technology with intelligent design to control & monitor your diaphragm valves.  The spcae saving design utlizes the most common discrete and network output options and can be auotmatically caibrated with a dongle or the ISP app.  Click here to learn more! 

W60 Series Single Seat Valves


73 Series positioner

For thorttling and flow control applications, the direct mounted 73 Series Positioner with Advantage Actuator is a compact and reliable solution. Click here to learn more!

W68/W88 Series Valves


Value Switch Package+ & Value Switch Package  

The Value Switch Packagin (VSP) and Value Switch Package+ (VSP+) are engineered with cost effectiveness, simplicity, and flexibility in mind. The VSP and VSP+ are a perfect completement to both the Advantage and Advantage Piston Actuator lines of pneumatic actuation.  Click here to learn more!

WR60/WR80 Series




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