QSM Sanitary Ball Valves


EA-33NF-SN Sanitary Direct Mount Ball Valve

Featuring a fully ported design and TC ends, the EA-33NF-SN series valves offers straight through flow free of obstructions. Learn more here!


EA-33NF-EXT Sanitary Ball Valve w/ Extended Weld Ends

The EA-33NF-EXT's extended weld ends and bolted design make it the permanent flow control solution . Learn more here!


EA-3308-SN 3 Way Divert Valve

QSM 3 way ball valves are available with L port and T port ball options for cost effective flow diversion . Learn more here!


EA-407-SN 3 & 4 Way Ball Valves

The EA-407-SN valve provides L & T port diversion options as well as a 4 way double L option. Learn more here!


TF-5308/5309 High Purity Ball Valves

The TF-5308 valve from QSM features a totally enclosed design with no exposed threads, ideal for classified and controlled environments. Learn more here!


EA-33NF-SN-V Flow Control Ball Valve

Whether actuated manually or paired with a pneumatic positioner, V Ball valves provide throttling flow control at a value. Learn more here!

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